Your Ultimate Secret Weapon

To Driving Highly Targeted Traffic To Your Websites.

Dear marketers and entrepreneurs,

  • Are you living your ideal life? I mean, are you living the life of your dreams?

    And if not, what’s holding you back?

    What’s stopping you from getting your hot traffic or build your dream downline?

  • I’m going to over deliver and spoil you today!

    Let me ask you,

    Are you looking for THAT ONE THING you can implement straight away to help you end the traffic frustrations once and for all?

    Maybe you’re a newbie, and you just want to have access to something that will help you set off immediately!

    I mean a ready-made business you can use with full rebrand and resell rights and keep 100% profits.

    Something that will allow you to start making residual or passive income online today without breaking the bank

    I learned from my good friend Russell Brunson that: “The life you want, the marriage you want… or the family that you want, is going to be fueled by the business you build.”

    "What would happen to your business if you had that many targeted customers coming to your websites or funnels or business each month or each day!?!"

    So, my dear friends,

    If you're sick and tired of trying methods that don't work, if you're struggling to get visitors, let alone targeted customers to buy your product or service...

    The good news is this is going to be the last course or training on Traffic you'll ever need.

    How would you like to, I mean for a change, transform your dead 'ghost town' sites and bring them back to life?

    Because with what I am about to show you - if wielded with no restrictions - can send your server into meltdown! That would be a problem, I know! - but a good problem for a change... !

    But seriously though, would you like to be able to use such a powerful weapon?

    Because ultimately you get crowds of visitors beating at the doors of your e-commerce stores and everywhere you have a presence online, waving their credit cards frantically as they line up to buy from you...

    And for the first time, all the products you've been buying up until now make sense.

    This is the *missing* puzzle!

    Now I’ve Got A Question For You...

    What’s Stopping You From Getting Traffic?

    I have a sneaky suspicion this isn't the first time you're looking for a way to make money.

    And if you've been trying for a long time, it gets downright frustrating...

    All the more so demoralizing when you see others who have cracked the code (and they don't necessarily appear to be much smarter than you are, myself included!

    You wonder,"Did they get lucky?" and "When will it ever be my turn?"

    Well Your Turn Is About To Come And The Wait Is Over...

    You see, together with my business partners and marketing experts, we came up with this Traffic course that reveals easy-to-implement, step-by-step methods to generating the traffic you desperately need for your website or online business.

    When I first started my business online, I was a newbie just like everyone else…

    I did what nearly everyone at my level did: I tried learning by reading free articles, joining forums, attending seminars...and so on!

    Long story short: that didn't work out so well for me...

    So I Decided To Try Something DIFFERENT

    I am going to sound FLIP for saying this, but I decided to STOP listening to so-called 'gurus'.

    Because I gathered that there's a lot of self-proclaimed 'experts' in the market and the more I tuned in, the more 'noise' I picked up... and the more confused I became!

    So, I took the path less traveled: I tried experimenting different ways at my own expense. It wasn't fun at all and frankly, many times I felt like giving up.

    But after going through countless trial and error, investing tons of hours and my own money...

    I finally cracked the code!

    My website traffic increased manifold...

    I went from zero for the longest time to building my subscribers list at warp speed...

    Crowds of buyers rushing to my sales pages to buy from me...

    It was that moment I realized; it wasn't my fault I couldn't succeed the first time!

    It's because most of the methods and systems out there are built around loopholes or short-term solutions.

    And even with the ones that do, they are often short-lived, money-making tactics...

    So, for years, I had subscribed to all these rehashed methods in the market that promised no results.

    And when I figured I needed to 'take matters' into my own hands,

    I arrived at the REVELATION I had been seeking out, my EPIPHANY, which I call my AHAAA MOMENT!

    Once I discovered the secret to massive traffic, everything just clicked together.

    It was the last piece of the puzzle that was missing from my entire business.

    And it probably is for you too.

    That’s why together with my business partners, we created big traffic secrets

    Let me introduce to you:



    Get Instant Access Now Risk-FREE

    The number #1 problem faced by most marketers, especially if you're a newbie, is generating the right traffic.

    For starters, you've heard about how important traffic is when it comes to building a massive buyers list...

    I hope we all agree that your list is the backbone of your business!

    But the question is – HOW do you get to building a massive buyers list?

    Well, your struggle ends here because I have the ultimate solution for you.

    This is a mega collection of 60 modules showing you ways to generate highly targeted website traffic using tried and tested methods.

    In this Master Course, you will discover how to build a strong following of hot, responsive buyers - the quick and easy way!

    It's too long to mention but to give you an idea, here's what you can expect from Big Traffic Firesale Training... You will have access to:

  • Secrets on how to build a strong following of loyal buyers who will snap up your products and offers like hotcakes

    How to leverage off 'warm traffic' and get people to send YOU traffic (we call this OPT - Other People's Traffic)

    Secrets to creating your own Warrior Special Offer

    The ONLY way to ace it with solo ads to send your server into a complete meltdown

    Sneaky little way to build your subscriber list through forums, without spamming! but with tried and tested methods

    Techniques to optimize your Google Adwords campaign

    How to use virtual pins and boards to increase traffic

    The 3 handymen of affiliate marketing

    How to tap into Facebook via FREE and PAID traffic

    Using paid and free methods to generate highly targeted website traffic

    We also show you how to convert all your social media accounts into a beacon to attract targeted visitors.

  • And much more....

    This is just the tip of the iceberg!

    That's not all...

    It's as turnkey as it can get!

    This ultimate go-to Master course took several months to create and at my expense. But it was totally worth it.

    You will also get the entire 60-part full video course designed to show you ways to generate highly targeted website traffic using free and paid methods and build a strong following of loyal subscribers - with minimal effort.

    Unlike most courses out there that focus on just 1 or 2 methods...

    This Giant Training Course Covers 11!

    There's more covered..., I’m just scratching the surface here.

    The cool part is that, you don't have to necessarily implement everything in this course to start seeing results, okay! But of course, I present to you everything, so you get to choose whichever top 2 or 3 methods you like and run with it!

    Remember, I promised to over deliver today! I’m gonna do just that!

    Here is the juicy part now!

    Let me run through everything I’m giving away for FREE to everyone who will be grabbing this BIG TRAFFIC FIRESALE Training today?

    You need to buckle up because I’m going to wow you now like never before!

    Depending on the type, let me split these bonuses into 3 main groups:

    Group A Bonuses: In addition to the Big Traffic Firesale Training itself, I’m giving you everything else related to this high converting product!

    Now let me ask you this:

    Do you know the quickest way to get massive traffic - with minimal effort?


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    So, to help you achieve this, here is my

    Bonus Number 1: The Entire Big Traffic Firesale Funnel With Full Commercial Rights Licence.

    What does this mean? I’m giving you full commercial rights on this ready-made-for-you product FOR FREE when you order your Big Traffic Firesale machine today!

    You can be in business... even as early as today!

    The best part is that; all the work has been done for you.

    So, to put this into perspective, let me clarify these two points:

    Point 1: What Is The Big Traffic Firesale Machine Again?

    This is the key to ‘weathering the storm’ and getting in FRONT of traffic trends... It is the exact BLUEPRINT we use as we look at every new traffic opportunity!

    This hot in-demand topic has been selling for years and will continue for years to come and every marketer is going to NEED and WANT it...

    It's been a secret usually reserved for the elite marketers. Now you get to discover the ninja secrets inside this course and use it to your advantage!

    I'm talking about getting an avalanche of visitors or business partners rushing to your websites or funnels or business... so massive your server goes on a meltdown.

    Point 2: What’s So Special About Getting The Commercial Rights Licence?

    Here's the thing; if you can sell traffic or help other fellow marketers like yourself solve all their traffic problems, you control the game!

    That's right, you get to establish authority and brand yourself as a top expert in traffic generation!

    You get to build relationship with subscribers and increase the likelihood of them buying from you.

    And build a strong following of responsive buyers who will snap up your products and offers like hotcakes.

    Please note that, you don't have to be an expert right now to master the skill of traffic generation!

    What does this mean? You will be able to further rebrand, have editing and resell rights on this powerful course or training, the Big Traffic Firesale and you will keep 100% of all the profits you make.

    By giving you the full commercial rights lisence as a bonus, you can start selling this same Big Traffic Firesale Machine as your own product.

    So, I’m gonna let you have all the elements of our Big Traffic Firesale funnel such as the landing page, email swipes, graphics, video training, I mean the whole package to allow you to rebrand this high converting funnel as your own by putting your name on it and selling it as your own product.

    As you learn and apply these teachings to your own business, you will also have the opportunity to present yourself to your audience as an expert, thanks to the high converting info products or funnels you’re receiving as bonus.

    This allows you to help entrepreneurs like yourself by selling them these same products as your own and making money at the same time!

    Let me recap: As you grab your Big Traffic Firesale course today, I’m letting you have the entire funnel plus I’m also giving you full resell rights on the Big Traffic Firesale funnel.

    I promised to over deliver today and that’s what I’m gonna do, so listen read on for even more awesome bonuses!

    The second group of bonuses,

    Group B Bonuses: is made up of info products plus high converting ready-made-for-you funnels

    Here are some more top money-making opportunities, we’re letting you have for free today.

    We know that many entrepreneurs lose focus while trying to figure out what to sell.

    I know I did when I started!

    Building products from scratch is one of the main drawbacks faced by entrepreneurs. Many businesses fail even before takeoff, because entrepreneurs are, most of the time, overwhelmed with so many factors while trying to bring their products to life.

    Now, to fulfil our mission of helping our fellow entrepreneurs achieve success (the same way we were also assisted), we have worked with experts and have come up with the most sought-after info products and funnels ready for you to grab.

    That’s not all my friends! Just like in the previous scenario,

    Once you grab your Big Traffic Firesale Training, I’m giving you, not just the trainings or courses, but I’m also letting you have the entire funnels for FREE with full commercial rights for you to rebrand and resell as a properly established business.

    People will relate to you as being the expert because that’s who you are once your own all these products. You’ll just need to rebrand and resell them as your own and keep your 100% profit.

    So, for each one of the info products or funnels, you are receiving today for free as bonuses, I will be including the entire elements of the funnels as applicable for each of them! So, the packages, will include:

    · Ebooks

    ·  Sales letters

    ·  Video sales letters

    ·  Audio tutorials

    ·  Video tutorials

    ·  Marketing tools

    ·  Email sequences

    ·  Graphics

    ·  Full resell licence and much more as applicable

    Let me reveal these high converting info products or funnels you are also getting today as bonus plus full commercial rights licences.

  • So, Bonus Number 2: Webinar Training Plus Funnel: How To Use Webinars For Your Business

    Headline Right Here

    Can you read the signs of time?

    On these days of online days, I’m also giving you an entire funnel teaching you how to run a webinar just like a pro.

    The funnel includes everything related, from planning to making your sales.

    You need to learn how to use Webinars in your business, generate more sales and build more credibility.

    Right now, Webinars are probably THE MOST HIGH CONVERTING TOOL online for driving sales.

    Videos, Emails, Articles still work very well but it's very unlikely to bring high ticket sales of up 5000$ or more like Webinars do.

    So, if you are not using Webinars yet in your business you are leaving a lot of money on the table. But hey, that's why we are here, to help you!

    So, once you grab your Big Traffic Firesale Course, I’m also giving you, not just the webinar training itself, but you’ll also get the entire funnel for FREE PLUS full commercial rights.


    Get Instant Access Now Risk-FREE

    Bonus Number 3: YouTube Business Made Easy Training + Funnel

    This is an immense opportunity for you to learn the ultimate strategies that will help you scale your online marketing efforts and grow your business on YouTube, which is the most popular video streaming platform on the internet.

    We’ve created this course to help you discover all the ways in which you can use YouTube to make more money.

    We spent a lot of time on the platform, and we’ve uncovered the best, proven methods to monetize it beyond ad revenue.

    So, welcome to our YouTube Business Training, designed to take you by the hand and walk you through the process of getting the most out of YouTube and getting your business to a higher level by tapping into this powerful FREE traffic source.

    This exclusive training will show you step-by-step, topic by topic, and tool by tool, what you need to know to dominate YouTube, in the easiest way possible, using the most effective tools and in the shortest time ever.

    You’ll be getting video and audio training

    This training is comprised of 20 training chapters, ready to show you the latest YouTube Business strategies.

    Some of the things you are going to learn:

  • Cross-Posting Your Sales Video To Your Business’ Social Channels

    Enabling Monetization On YouTube Easily In 2020

    . Top YouTube Marketing Tips To Increase Sales in 2020

    . Starting A Live Stream To Promote A Product Launch URL

    . How To Send Your Product Video To The First Page Of Search Results

    . Promoting Your Sales Video With A Custom YouTube Ad Campaign

    . The More Profitable Types Of YouTube Videos In 2020

    . Alternative Monetization Strategies For Businesses On YouTube

    . YouTube Business Do’s and Don’ts

    . YouTube Business Premium Tools And Services To Consider

    . Outlining Your Perfect YouTube Sales Funnel For 2020

    . YouTube Business Success Stories

    . YouTube Business Frequently Asked Questions

    . Researching And Picking A Profitable Niche

    . Creating And Optimizing A Business YouTube Channel

    . Setting Up A Sales-Oriented YouTube Video

    . Embedding Your YouTube Sales Video On A Blog Post

    . Creating A Product Consideration Video Ad For YouTube

    . Creating A Customer Retargeting Campaign On YouTube

  • I know you'll love this training

    So, once you grab your Big Traffic Firesale, I’m also giving you, not just the YouTube Business Made Easy Training itself, but I’ll let you have the entire Funnel for FREE as well PLUS full commercial rights.


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    Bonus Number 4: Facebook Domination Training + Funnel

    There’s no denying the fact that when it comes to marketing and advertising your business on social media, Facebook is way up there.

    With billions of users logging in to Facebook every month from all corners of the globe, Facebook is king of social media.

    Whether you want to reach people in your town or city or people on the other side of the world, it’s possible with Facebook ads.

    Here’s what you’ll discover in this course:

  • Learn how you can lower your Facebook Ads budget for your next campaigns

    Find out why a lead capture funnel is so important to your Facebook Ads success and the different strategies you can use for each stage in your funnel

    Crack the code to boosting your profits and putting your advertising on autopilot with Facebook Dynamic Ads!

    Learn exactly how Facebook Ads work and how you can set up high converting ads using the Facebook Ads Manager

    Find out whether or not you should rely on organic Facebook traffic and why.

    Uncover several techniques to take advantage of the Facebook pixel’s power and use it to grow your business.

    Know why you need to start collecting your customer’s data now so you can retarget them later with Facebook Ads.

    How to optimize your Facebook Ads design so your target audience will engage with your ads.

    Understand the importance of custom audiences and lookalike audiences.

    Discover why split testing your Facebook Ads is highly essential if you want to get higher conversions at lower ad costs.

    And so much more!

  • Are You Ready To Profit And Grow Your Business With Facebook Ads?

    You’ll benefit so much just by going through this course.

    Here are some of the powerful benefits you’ll gain just by gaining access to our Facebook Ads Domination training:

  • You'll learn why millions of advertisers love Facebook Ads.

    You'll find the quickest way to grow your business with different Facebook Ads strategies.

    You'll know the different ad campaign objectives you can use to best target your audience no matter where they are in the sales cycle!

    You'll learn the best techniques to optimize your Facebook Ads to get higher conversions at low costs.

    You'll know why you MUST retarget people who have interacted with your business online or offline.

    You'll see why split testing your Facebook adverts is essential if you want to save both time and money in the long run.

    You'll discover why good design matters in Facebook Ads and learn some tips and tricks for creating eye-catching designs.

    You'll fast-track your way to success using highly profitable Facebook Ads techniques!

  • So, once you grab your Big Traffic Firesale course, I’m also giving you, not just the Facebook domination training itself but I’ll let you have the entire Funnel for FREE as well PLUS full commercial rights.


    Get Instant Access Now Risk-FREE

    Bonus Number 5: Next Level LinkedIn Marketing Made Easy In 2020 Training + Funnel

    Almost 80% of marketers agree that LinkedIn is the most effective social media platform for marketing, which means that more and more brands, including yours, will be joining the site in the future.

    LinkedIn makes it easy to identify, qualify, contact, and capture leads. This is because everyone specifies their strengths in their profiles, so you’ll know in advance what it is they are looking for and what type of products or services matter to them.

    LinkedIn is a much more focused platform that makes it easier for people to market a brand or products because that’s what the platform is all about.

    By creating a profile that highlights your authority and sharing content that is highly relevant to your industry, you’ll be able to build a network of real people that will grow interest in your offers.

    Another big advantage of LinkedIn Marketing is that the platform is very good at detecting spammers and fake businesses, which means that you don’t risk getting your content made irrelevant by a saturation of poor content, unlike in other platforms.

    You’ll get full audio and video training plus the entire funnel.

    You’ll learn:

  • LinkedIn Marketing Plan For 2020

    Hacks To Grow Your B2B Audience

    How To Make The LinkedIn Algorithm Work For You In 2020

    Tips For Creating Awesome LinkedIn Native Content In 2020

    LinkedIn Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

    Powerful In Mail Strategies That Work In 2020

    LinkedIn Marketing Premium Tools And Services To Consider

    LinkedIn Marketing Success Stories

  • So, once you grab your Big Traffic Firesale Training Course, I’m also giving you, not just the Next Level LinkedIn Marketing Made Easy in 2020 Training itself, but I’m letting you have the entire funnel for FREE as well with full commercial rights.


    Get Instant Access Now Risk-FREE

    Bonus Number 6: What Is TikTok All about? Training Plus Funnel

    There are three ways you can use TikTok application for the marketing of brands or businesses:

    First, you can create your own channel and upload videos that you consider to be relevant.

    Second, you can work with influential people who can help to broadcast your content more widely.

    Third, you can pay to advertise on TikTok although TikTok does not have the same scope as YouTube. However, it can become more popular and stable over time.

    Generally, many brands combine their own channels and work with influential people so that the content of their products are directed to a larger audience.

    They can also try some of the ideas on their own channels like hashtag challenges, user generated content and TikTok advertising.

    So, you can also suggest to your influencers to share your type of content in their networks.

    In this full video training, you’ll learn:

  • Tips For Setting Up A Profitable Influencer Marketing Campaign For TikTok

    Encouraging TikTok Users To Generate Content For Your Brand

    Best TikTok Video Ideas to Boost Your Brand

    Best TikTok Marketing Strategies To Increase Followers

    Running a Contest or Sweepstakes On TikTok The Right Way

    Do’s and Don’ts

    Premium tools and Services to consider

    Shocking Case Studies

  • So, once you grab your Big Traffic Firesale Course, I’m also giving you, not just the TikTok Training itself but I’ll let you have the entire Funnel for FREE, as well as the full commercial rights.


    Get Instant Access Now Risk-FREE

    Bonus Number 7: Reddit Traffic Secrets Training plus Funnel

    You will discover all about this free traffic source.

    You’ll be introduced to proven strategies to help you tap into this awesome platform used by millions of people.

    You’ll learn about:

  • What is Reddit?

    Getting familiar

    Understanding the market

  • So, once you grab your Big Traffic Firesale Training Course, I’m also giving you, not just the Reddit Training itself but you’ll also get the entire funnel for FREE with full commercial rights.


    Get Instant Access Now Risk-FREE

    Bonus Number 8: "Must Know" Copywriting Secrets That Guarantee Success Training Plus Funnel

    If there is one role to be filled in the online business which matters most to a website, it is none other than content writers.

    Of course, we cannot ignore the fact that web designers and programmers are also important. However, it is the content that matters more to the audience.

    Contents are the traffic producers of a website.

    In this training, you’ll learn:

  • The style of writing

    Basic Web Copywriting Checklist

    How to write irresistible headlines to grab the readers' attention and compel them to read further?

    How to write your intro copy

    Do the first few paragraphs of your sales copy reinforce the headline, and convince readers to continue reading?

    Does your sales copy sell the features or the benefits of your product or service? For example, does your site try to convince your readers that your vitamin C product is the best, or does it try to convince them that your vitamin C product will give them the most health benefits?

    How to write your Call To Action and get your customers to take action

  • So, once you grab your Big Traffic Firesale Training Course, I’m also giving you, not just the copywriting Secrets that Guarantee Success Training itself but I’ll let you have the entire funnel for FREE too with full commercial rights.


    Get Instant Access Now Risk-FREE

    Bonus Number 9: Automated Email Funnel Training Plus Funnel

    How to create a profit generating automated email marketing funnel?

    What you will learn inside of this report can be a game changer for your business.

    There is nothing better than having a highly optimized automated email funnel making you profits day in and day out.

    If you’re someone that wants to sell digital products online and you want to spend your time focusing on traffic and conversions, then this is for you!

    You need this system setup, because this is where the real money is made online.

    The amazing thing about this system is that anyone can do it. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, non technical, or anything else.

    You can set this system up in your autoresponder such as Aweber or GetResponse and so on.

    In this guide you will learn:

  • The components of a truly automated email funnel

    Why an email automated funnel is so important to your business and success online

    Content emails, and why they are so important to keeping your subscribers engaged and opening

    How to get started implementing this guide right away

    And a whole lot more!

  • So, once you grab your Big Traffic Firesale Training Course, I’m also giving you, not just the Automated Email Training itself but I’m also giving you the entire funnel for FREE with full commercial rights.


    Get Instant Access Now Risk-FREE

    Bonus Number 10: Amazon Affiliate Profits Training Plus Funnel

    Anyone who has tried to generate huge profits from amazon has certainly run into one problem after another.

    It’s no secret. Trying to profit from amazon is extremely difficult, if you don’t know what you are doing.

    No wonder that most people who try to at least make a profit from amazon just give up.

    But the truth is...

    Finally, being able to create a conversion proven amazon affiliate site, ready to generate some awesome commissions, on complete autopilot, is much closer than you think!

    Earning money as an affiliate is not just about finding a good product and pasting the affiliate link everywhere.

    In this book we talk about some powerful techniques you could use to make money online with Amazon Affiliate.

    You will learn:

  • How to Embed an Amazon Store into Facebook

    How to create Your Amazon Associates Account

    How to Promote your Amazon Affiliate Website – Part 1 and 2

    How to Build an Amazon Affiliate Empire the Right Way

    How to make money with Amazon as an affiliate

    How to pick a Hot Amazon Niche

    How to select some Hot Products to Promote